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In Cirro, projects act as top-level containers of information. They will contain things like datasets, references, samples, and notebooks that all live under the large umbrella of a project.

Each project has a single budget ID, which is a good way to think about how to define the scope of a project. Each project also has its own set of users and permissions so data access controls can be easily maintained.

Creating a Project

To create a new project, go to the sidebar and select the Projects page. At the top of this page, click the "Create Project" button.

create project button

If you do not have permission to perform this operation, the "Create Project" button will not be available. If you do not have permission but want to create a project, contact the Cirro team.

This button will bring up a pop up window for you to fill out the following information:

  • Project Name: Choose a unique name for your project.
  • Project Description: (Optional) A 1-2 sentence description of your project.
  • Contact Name: The name of the person that will be contacted with any issues about that project.
  • Contact Email: The email of your contact person.
  • Contact Organization: The affiliation of your contact person (e.g. Fred Hutch, University of Washington).
  • Contact Phone: (Optional) The phone number of your contact person.
  • Billing Account: Select the billing account you want to charge for costs incurred in the project (e.g. data storage and running pipelines).
  • Budget Amount: When the project's total cost for the selected billing period (e.g. per month, per quarter, per year) approaches this amount, the project's contact person will receive emails. When this amount is reached, any pipelines and notebooks will be cut off and the data files will be saved.
  • Budget Period: The time period you want associated with your budget amount. This can be annually, quarterly, or monthly.
  • Deleted Dataset Retention: The number of days to keep deleted datasets before being permanently erased.
  • Maximum number of vCPUs: The maximum number of compute cores you can launch at once for pipelines when you're doing batch processing. 300 is a logical value for most projects, but if you want to run highly parallelized work you may want to add more. Feel free to contact the Cirro team with questions.
  • Allow SFTP Access: Check to allow users to access the project using SFTP.

Once the project is created, you can click your project to go into the project's Overview page, and from there define your users and start adding datasets, samples, and references.

Finding a Project

To quickly find an existing project, use the "Filter" button at the top of the Projects page to search for project names and tags. You can also look at the tags of a project which are visible next to the project's name in the list of projects.