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The Costs page shows the breakdown of the spending of a project. There are useful numbers and plots that can be used to get a better idea of how a project is being charged. These costs will be charged to the project's billing account.

Cost Information


  • Month to Date: This is the cost accrued so far over the current month. This is also the amount currently owed, as projects are billed monthly.
  • Average Month: This is the average amount per month the project costs.
  • Total Project Cost: This is the amount the project has cost over its entire lifetime.
  • Total Project Storage: This is the total amount of data stored in the project.


There are also some charts that can be useful to look at.

  • Rolling 12 Month Breakdown: A bar chart showing the monthly breakdown of costs over the last 12 months of the project.
  • Lifetime Service Breakdown: A pie chart showing the breakdown of the costs over the entire lifetime of the project.

Hover over different parts of these charts to see the breakdown of costs into four categories:

  • Storage: The amount spent on storing files (includes datasets, references, etc.) which is based on AWS intelligent tiering.
  • Infrastructure: The amount spent on miscellaneous, infrastructure costs.
  • Compute: The amount spent on running pipelines.
  • Notebooks: The amount spent on notebooks while they are open and running.

Cost Controls

All projects are set to have budgets to help users not overrun on costs. Once the budget is set up, the point of contact for the project will get emails when 50, 75, 90, and 100% of the project's budget has been spent in the selected time period (e.g. monthly, yearly, etc). When the budget amount is reached in the chosen time period, all pipelines and notebooks will be cut off and data files will be saved.

If users decide they want to continue spending on a project that has reached it's budget limit, a user with administrative privileges can increase the budget in one of two places. First, they can click the "Edit Budget" button at the top of the Costs page.

edit budget button

Users can also update the budget by going to the project's Overview page and clicking the "Edit Project" button. If you do not have permission to perform this operation, the buttons will not be available. In both cases, you will get a pop up that includes the following entries:

  • Budget Amount: The amount of money allowed to be spent for the selected billing period.
  • Budget Period: The time period you want associated with your budget amount. This can be monthly, quarterly, or annually.


  • The Costs page is updated daily at 4:00PM, so the prices accrued for the current day may not be visible yet.
  • No matter the budget period, all projects are billed at the end of every month.